Canonical Kills Ubuntu For Android

Vixtel Industry Commentary, May 09,2014

It is interesting that after 2 years of hype from Canonical they have dropped Ubuntu for Android. Their concept of either Ubuntu or Android was never going to be adopted by OEM's. Similarly another phone OS based on Ubuntu will not fly either.

The model that will work is to have both running simultaneously. We believe that what we have created with the Vixtel Unity is the ideal combination. Toggle between Android and Linux on the run. Use Ubuntu with monitor and keyboard in the office and the tablet becomes a very sophisticated desk phone/video phone. In other words use the right operating system most suited for the job at hand. As more services become cloud based using HTML5 and Web RTC the operating system becomes less relevant.

Just as the form factor has changed from mainframe, to PC, to portable computers, to laptops this model will change the form of the desk top.

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